Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Fashion File: A little extra time

Now that you've determined your "season," it's time to create some fun outfits with of all of the clothes, shoes and accessories in your closet. Janie Bryant suggests taking a few extra minutes each morning to finesse your look and the outcome can be remarkable.

You know those mornings when you press snooze one too many times and then you're rushed to get yourself out the door? Or you pull a million things out of your closet and nothing seems to suit you? Those are the days where I'm always off kilter. It's never a good way to start your day. I know a lot of people don't have the time or energy to get home from work and worry about what they're going to wear the next day; however, it pays off in my book. If I pick out my outfit the night before I'm always better off in the morning. There are also times where I decide what I'm going to wear as I'm pedaling away in my 6:00a.m. spin class. Either way, it gives me a little extra time in the mornings and I don't feel rushed.

Your outfit itself is the base. Janie suggests ten ways to create your personal style and to take an ordinary day to extraordinary!

1. Animal print

Whether it's feathers or faux fur it will instantly add a bit of drama to your outfit. No one is suggesting you have to wear all animal print, but a simple belt, scarf, or pair of pumps will do the trick.


This top can easily pull double duty. Wear it under a blazer during the work day and remove the blazer and you're set for happy hour!

2. Hair

Take the time to fix your hair. I know everyone has a day where all they can manage to do is pull their hair back in a ponytail, but don't do it every day. Your hair can make or break an outfit so whether it's a sleek blowout or chic updo take the time to complete your look.

Hair styles

3. Shoes

This could easily be the most important accessory in my book. High heels always polish off any look and there are many options. Don't wear a sleek dress with a pair of flats....unless you're walking to your car, or in my case back and forth to the Capitol! ;)


4. Handbag

I've never splurged on an expensive handbag because I like to switch mine up at least twice a year. I rather carry a different handbag every few months than invest in one that I'm going to have to carry for years. That being said, if you have the money go for it. As Janie mentions, a nice handbag is the ultimate arm trophy, especially in a bold color or design.


5. Make-up

I love make-up and feel it's always worthwhile to take a little time to do yours each morning. If you want the glam factor for a special event or evening, go for a smoky eye or bright, red lips- either or, never together! If you go for a smoky eye keep the rest of your face/lips natural. If you go for bold red lips keep your eyeshadow neutral. You never want your eyes and lips to compete with one another so choose one and run with it!

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6. Tights

Colored tights and patterned stockings are always fun. Sometimes it's hard to switch things up in the winter but this is the perfect way to add a little glam to a pencil skirt or sheath dress.


7. Hats/hair accessories

As Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding approaches we're hearing more and more about hats and hair accessories. They seem to be very fashionable at the moment so if you're bold enough, go for it. They'll definitely be a conversation piece.

Kate Middleton

8. Gloves

Gloves don't always have to be associated with the ones you wear in the snow. Opera length gloves add sophistication to any evening gown and what could be more Mad Men than a pair of two-tone driving gloves?

Mad Men

9. Jewelry

I own just a few pieces of really nice jewelry- all thanks to my wonderful husband and parents. But I own A LOT of costume jewelry and wouldn't trade it for anything. I never, ever wear the same pieces of jewelry on a daily basis (except for my wedding ring and David Yurman bracelet). One of my favorite things to do is pick out my jewelry in the mornings to go with my outfit. Whether it's several long chains, a bangle, chandelier earrings, a strand of pearls or a cocktail ring, have fun with it!

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