Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eataly comes to DC!

Last October, during our weekend visit to NYC, Chris and I visited Eataly. You can read about about it here.

Once we finally made it into Eataly and scored at seat at the wine bar I mentioned to Chris how well I thought something like this would do in DC. There is really nothing like it in our area and if it can make it in NYC I knew it would be a huge hit in DC with all the foodies we have around. Our big question was where should it be located. Eataly in NYC takes up nearly an entire block so the real estate is the biggest concern. Once you have your location the rest will fall into place.

Last week Chris sent me a link to a Huffington Post article and what do you know; Eataly is coming to DC. (and LA)! I was beyond excited to hear this news. It appears that they're still in the process of deciding where it will be located but it could open as early as 2012. This is one grand opening that I won't miss.

Anyone interested in a road trip to DC? I promise it will be worth the drive.

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  1. What an adorable blog!

    So this is Pamela, from PB&Jstories... I always feel so guilty not replying to readers when they ask questions and you don't have your email linked up with your profile so wasn't able to reply that way... then came here and still no information for email! You make me work for it :)

    The how to for the lyrics board is linked up at the beginning of the post you commented on .. here is the direct link!

    Again, adorable blog I love the stories of your hubby & you!

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