Monday, September 17, 2012

Road trip to Raleigh for NC State's first home game of the season

Over the weekend we traveled to Raleigh to attend NC State's first home game of the season against South Alabama. I decided months ago that this would the perfect weekend for us to go since I was still on maternity leave and it was a 6:00p.m. game. We would easily be able to get up Saturday morning and drive to Raleigh in time to tailgate and attend the game.

As soon as Carter woke up Saturday morning I fed him and we hit the road. It was an easy drive to Raleigh. It only took us 4 hours to get there, and that was with a 30 min. bottle stop.  Even though Carter has proven to be a great traveler, he will not sleep in his car seat for more than 20 minutes at a time. I don't get it at all. I keep hoping that each time we get in the car that maybe this will be it; he'll actually go to sleep. But no, it still hasn't happened.
Ready for game day!
Carter has become very alert this week. He was mesmerized by the sun shade and looking out the window.

My one cat nap on the drive to Raleigh.

Once we made it to Raleigh the guys set everything up at the tailgate and after Carter fed we headed on over. It was a perfect day for a football game and everyone thoroughly enjoyed seeing Carter. He definitely steals the show these days. When family comes to town or we go to visit, the first person everyone wants to see is Carter. Everything and everyone else is basically an afterthought, ha-ha!

Time for some cornhole!

Yes, we have a house divided cornhole set.

Spending time with Uncle Brandon.

Check out my shades!

We spent the afternoon playing cornhole, eating Bojangles, enjoying a beer or two and visiting with one another. Brandon's birthday is next Friday so this was also our opportunity to get together and celebrate. Brandon hadn't seen Carter since he was born so he especially enjoyed getting some time with him. All in all, a perfect day!

When it was actual game time my mom gladly took Carter back to the hotel room so he could sleep. Even though she would have enjoyed going to the game with the rest of the family I think she was even happier to spending one-on-one time with Carter.

We all had a great time at the game, even more so considering NC State pulled off a huge victory (31-7). It's hard to beat a weekend of family, college football, Bojangles, pumpkin beer, and cornhole! This will be the first of many more game weekends to come for the little man.

On Sunday we ate breakfast with the family and then hit the road back to DC. We had to get home in time for Sunday game day with daddy in the man cave! As you can see below, Carter was ready for the occasion.We're now home for a few days before heading to Primland this weekend. Road trip #4 here we come!

Sunday game day!

I guess I'm ready for another road trip back home.

My one and only cat nap on the return trip.

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