Thursday, September 5, 2013


I absolutely love Halloween. I love to decorate the house, I love to hand out candy to the little children, I love all the costumes, and of course I love candy. Now that we have a little one it takes my excitement to a whole new level. While I haven't decided on what Carter will be for Halloween, I have already given it a lot of thought! Part of me wants to go the cute route and dress him up as an animal because I realize I have a very limited time frame where I will get to choose his costume. However, another part of me really likes the Superman, Batman and Star Wars costumes too. Decisions, decisions. 

Anyways, I wanted to bring everyone's attention to Pottery Barn's Halloween sale. They have some cute costumes; however, they're a little on the pricey side. Personally I think you can find just as cute ones for a better price elsewhere. However, they have adorable treat bags that are 20% off. I just ordered this one for Carter which I love! It was only $13 and I paid the additional $7 to have it personalized. You also get free shipping!

Pumpkin Pillowcase Treat Bag
I love the buckets too but I figure as Carter gets older he's going to need a lot more room for his candy so a pillowcase is the way to go. I sure hope he realizes that he'll be sharing his candy with mom and dad so he better fill it up! 

Spider Treat Bag
Owl Treat Bag
Last year my mom found the cutest idea for a tomato cage ghost on Pinterest. It was super easy to make and turned out great. Go go the craft store and buy a piece of black felt to cut out your ghost's eyes and mouth. I super glued them to an old white sheet and draped it over a tomato cage covered with white Christmas lights and ta-da! After Halloween I saved the tomato cage and ended up using it at Christmas for a Christmas tree in our front yard. It turned out really cute too.      

It's hard to believe that we're already approaching another Halloween with our little man!        
Our precious little lobster! I'm not sure how we'll top this one. 

We spent Carter's first Halloween in Sonoma.


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