Monday, December 13, 2010


I don't know if any of you have shopped or sold clothing/accessories at a consignment store, but I highly recommend you doing so! In our area there are several designer/high-end consignment stores that sell really nice things. Remember that cocktail dress that you paid $100 for and it's been hanging in closet ever since? Take it to consignment  and make some of your money back. I can't tell you how many times I've taken loads of clothes, shoes, handbags, etc to Goodwill just because I wanted it out of my closet.

Along one of my favorite streets in Old Town, VA you'll find a great little consignment store called Mint Condition. You have to make an appointment to bring in items and they do have a 15 item limit, but it's definitely worth it. I have purchased several things from this store which is exactly why I was encouraged to take some of my things there. Back in August I took 15 items and they kept between 8 and 10 of them (they actually didn't take 2 pairs of Seven jeans which I couldn't understand at all) but overall they took more than expected. They keep your items for close to 3 months and if they don't sell then they're donated, or you have the option to come back and pick them up.

I actually had completely forgotten about my clothes until this past Saturday. I mainly wanted to visit the store to see what they had in stock but then I remembered I had a check to pick up. I had no idea what had sold or what kind of profit I would make but I was pleasantly surprised when the girl behind the counter told me they owed me a check for $83.00 Not too shabby! While I was waiting on my check I decided to take a look around the store and of course I found something. Check this out:

J.Crew Pencil Skirt

Double-serge pencil skirt
First let me say that I've admired this skirt all season long. I've actually been looking for a camel colored wool pencil skirt but there are none to be found. I came across this particular skirt at J.Crew and really liked it but I thought $118.00 was a little on the pricey side....even their sale price of $98.00 is too much in my opinion.

So you can only imagine how excited I was to spot it on the rack at Mint Condition! I didn't even want to look at the size because I knew there was no way it would be the size I needed....just my luck. But believe it or not, it was my size! Better yet, guess how much it cost? $38.00!!!! That is $80.00 less than the full price and $60.00 less than the sale price. Now that's what I call a bargain.

Such a successful shopping day! I scored a skirt that I've been admiring for months for a steal and I got paid for clothes that otherwise would have been given away.

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