Wednesday, October 9, 2013

High School Reunion & the Dixie Classic Fair

Over the weekend we traveled to Winston for Chris's 20 year high school reunion.Chris had gone back and forth about whether or not he wanted to attend, especially considering the fact that we learned the reunion was Friday night, not Saturday night, only two days beforehand. But in the end, two of Chris's childhood best friends were going to be there so he decided it was worth the trip.

The reunion was held at Allison Oaks Tasting Room in downtown Yadkinville. Chris's graduating class was 75! Can you believe that? It's hard for me to believe because my graduating class consisted of several hundred students. There were close to 50 people at the reunion, including spouses, so they had a pretty good turn out. Before the reunion we met up with Chris's two childhood best friends, Van and Mark, and their wives. It was fun to see Chris catch up with friends and tell stories from their childhood. As we walked out the door to go to the reunion Chris's mom informed me that Chris and Mark were double trouble growing up. I could tell within five minutes of meeting Mark how that was certainly the case. It took them no time at all before they were scheming all over again. I heard a lot of funny stories and we enjoyed looking through their yearbook at some classic pictures. Chris won the superlative for best legs (picture below). He informed me that he actually one the superlative for coolest and for best legs, but they could only picture him in one so they went with the legs. Notice how all three of them are wearing jean shorts!
Great name tags!

Mark (aka Pugs), Chris (aka Legs) and Van (not sure why he doesn't have a nickname!)
It was fun to hear where everyone ended up after 20 years. Most of his classmates have two or three kids, some even in high school, and are still living fairly close to Winston. We were one of the few couples with a little one at home. Needless to say Chris got a late start compared to his classmates, but that's what happens when you marry someone eight years younger, ha! 

On Saturday we took Carter to the Dixie Classic Fair. I love going to the fair. When I was in college we'd always go to the N.C. State Fair on the food drive night. If you brought 5 can goods you were given one free admission ticket. Score! This year the Food Lion Hunger Relief Day is Thursday, October 24th at the N.C. State Fair. Once I moved to DC and Chris and I started dating, he introduced me to the Dixie Classic Fair in Winston. It's hard to beat all the yummy, terrible for you food and people watching. Unfortunately it was almost 90 degrees on Saturday so it was almost too hot to enjoy.

We did make it there just in time for lunch. We dined on corn dogs, jerk chicken, Chick-fil-a, lemon quench, sweet tea, and cotton candy! Carter almost ate an entire corn dog (which actually consisted of two hot dogs), drank some of my lemon quench and had a bite or two of cotton candy. After we ate we watched the pig races and walked around the fair. We wanted to take him on a few rides but due to the height requirement we were only able to ride the carousel. Oh well, there is always next year!

Watching the pig races with Bo.

One of my favorite things to do at the fair is check out the crazy food. It seems like every year they introduce something new and it's typically fried. They offer fried pickles, fried Twinkies, fried Oreos, fried candy bars and this year I even noticed fried Kool-Aid. I don't even know how that's possible, but they had it. If you'd like to go the healthier route they have chicken and waffles, funnel cakes, turkey legs, and BBQ. If you're feeling adventurous I suggest trying the Politician Burger which consists of a hamburger patty, lettuce tomato, shoestring fries and a big slice of bologna sandwiched between two Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Or maybe the pickle dog would be more your thing. It's a pickle spear wrapped in cheese and pastrami, lightly battered and fried. Basically it's like version of a Rueben. Have I made you feel sick to your stomach yet?

Politician Burger
It's fun to take some time to walk through Yesterday Village. The village consists of 19 log houses that were built in the 1800s. They feature R&R's Old Fashioned ice cream, a Sanford, N.C. company, that makes homemade ice cream using vintage John Deere tractor motors. While you're enjoying your ice cream you can take a seat and watch chainsaw artist, Jerry Ward, turn logs into pieces of artwork. They also have a great collection of vintage tractors on display.
This one was for uncle Justin!
Look at those red cheeks. It was hot, hot, hot!
Saturday evening we hung around Nana and Bo's house. Carter enjoyed sitting on Bo's tractor but you could forget about him wanting to actually ride it around the yard. Carter is sensitive to sounds these days. My hair dryer doesn't phase him but the vacuum cleaner scares him to death.

This is what Carter got into while we enjoyed Saturday night steak night.
It's amazing what one little person can get into in a matter of minutes.
On Sunday we packed up and hit the road nice and early to beat the traffic. Even though it was a quick trip we had a great time being home. Until next time!
Worn out after a big weekend with Nana & Bo.

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