Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Here's my vote

It's Election Day! I hope all of you voted. I sent my absentee ballot in several days ago so I enjoyed the day shopping online (although I didn't buy anything) and flipping through my favorite magazines. I guess I better enjoy this down time while I have it. Here are some things that caught my eye.

Jolly Gold Shorts
How great would these shorts look at a holiday party? Shorts are all the rage this season, if you haven't noticed. I've had several people question me about the look, but treat them just like a skirt and wear them with tights and you're golden! These particular ones are from ModCloth for $49.99.

Here is another pair I really like:

Flannel belted shorts

These particular ones are from Talbots....yes, Talbots! As I was reading through Instyle they had an article on Talbots and their new makeover. I was pleasantly surprised because Talbots, in my opinion, has always been kind of frumpy. Check out these other great Talbot's finds:

Silk rosette skirt

Sleeveless sequin sheath

Rose -print dress Total Mad Men- LOVE IT!!!

I also found these, which stopped me dead in my tracks. How unbelievably beautiful are these?!?! And, how hard to do you think it would be to convince Chris that I deserve one for Christmas, or my birthday!
Tiffany & Co.
Man, I should just stay away from Tiffany's website altogether. I honestly don't go to their website often but when I came across these babies I thought I should check them out since it had been awhile. Bad idea. Bad, bad, bad idea.

But, I do like the concept of the ring. As I was reading through the daily julie one afternoon I came across Kyle Anne Metals.

I love all of these rings and they're much more affordable!

It's time to start planning your party attire:

Shoshanna beaded one shoulder draped dress
I love the one shoulder dress. I really like this dress because it can be dressed up, as pictured above, or dressed down with a leather bomber jacket.


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