Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Things to live by

Lucky magazine's 10th Birthday issue features a great section on things to live by. Here are the items that definitely make my list:

1. Your bra straps can show; your underwear never should!
2. Self-tanner makes you look thinner and well rested.
3. Always apply powder with a brush. Even compact powder.
4. Shop for boots in August before they sell out- and you get the best price.
5. Always have at least one black-tie dress in your closet in case of last minute celebrating.
6. Looking for a dress when you actually need one (or any outfit for that matter) will rarely lead to a successful find.
7. Buy clothes that you'll wear on a Tuesday afternoon, not a Saturday night. Few people lead Saturday night lives....although sometimes I think it would be fun!
8. Black tights look great with open toe shoes (as long as the tights aren't sheer).
9. If something is expensive, leave it behind for 24 hours. If you're still obsessed with it the next day, buy it!
10. Black will always be the new black.
11. It's good to have a pair of jeans hemmed for flats and another pair hemmed for heels.
12. Your waist isn't where you think it is. It's about three inches higher. The most flattering spot for a waisted dress to hit is just under the rib cage.
13. If shoes are only marginally comfortable when you try them on in the store you can be sure they'll be excruciating on the street.
14. The best and most comfortable flats are usually the cheapest.
15. When all else fails, a skinny cardigan can pull any look together.

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