Wednesday, July 17, 2013


If you're a make-up and beauty product junkie like me and haven't joined Birchbox then I highly suggest that you do! Birchbox introduces you to unique and sometimes new beauty and lifestyle products that you may not necessarily have discovered on your own. Each month you'll receive a cute little Birchbox filled with samples off different skincare, make-up, hair care products and possibly a surprise or two. I love coming home from work and finding their package waiting for me on the door step. Half of the excitement is not knowing what you're going to get each month. 

You can usually count on receiving at least one or maybe two full sized products. For instance, in June I received a pink lip stain and mint green nail polish. This month I received a liquid eyeliner and some really cute bobby pins. These were only a few things within the Birchbox. I have discovered a number of items that I've put into my daily routine that I don't think I ever would have discovered. One month I even received a $50 gift card to

The subscription runs $10 a month. When I originally placed my request to join it took about a month before I received my confirmation. Once you've been confirmed you can create a profile to indicate what products interest you the most and they will tailor your Birchbox to your taste. This would make a great gift for a friend! Who doesn't love to receive a package in the mail? And better yet, one every single month that is purely created for pampering yourself! 

If you do find a product that you really love in your Birchbox you can easily purchase it from their shop and earn rewards through their loyalty program. Better yet, if you decide to purchase a full size item from the current month's Birchbox you get free shipping.

Here are examples of the past Birchboxes I have received and some of my favorite products.

March Birchbox
Evologie Intensive Blemish Serum- great for break outs and it doesn't dry your skin or make it red and itchy.

Benefit Stay Don't Stray Primer- keeps your eye-shadow in place all day.

June Birchbox

LAQA & Co. Lil' Lip Duo- chunky lip pencil with great pigment and gloss. It lasts for hours!

Davines Hair Products- I used the shampoo and conditioner when were in St. John and my hair felt sleek and smooth. I use a hair straightener every day and this made my hair feel nourished. 

I've had intentions to paint my toes with the mint green color they sent me every night this week and so far no such luck! 

July Birchbox
Birchbox Bobby Pins- So fun and you can't beat the price....for decorative bobby pins. :)

I haven't used the eye liner yet but it's a great color. I'm also excited to use the Kerastase leave-in treatment. All of their products are incredible; however, they aren't cheap. 

So this is just a little taste of what you get each month. So instead of buying your lunch two days out of the month, pack your lunch and pocket the money and subscribe for a Birchbox. It is a special treat to yourself that you'll highly enjoy.


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