Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Men's casual fall fashion

Yesterday I received a personal request from my younger brother to write a post on men's fashion. Apparently he's in the market for some new clothes and wants to know what to buy. I'm not exactly sure how this will work because there have been numerous times where I've purchased clothes for my brothers that they would not wear. I don't know why they think I would steer them in the wrong direction but I don't think guys are risk takers in the fashion department. They stick with what they're used to and what makes them comfortable. Not a bad route to take, but I promise I won't steer you wrong or away from anything that's comfortable.

1. Plaid
Once upon a time the good ole plaid flannel shirt that your Dad probably wore was considered a staple in every man's closet and an anti-fashion statement. Luckily designers have reinvented the rustic shirt to sophisticated chic.

The shirt can be worn with w v-neck tee, buttoned or unbuttoned, and dark wash jeans. I have nothing against light wash jeans, but I think a dark wash has a more polished look. I'm not a huge fan of baggy jeans that guys constantly have to tug on to keep around their waist or tight "skinny jeans." I don't think guys should stroll around in tight pants. Leave the tight jeans to the ladies, please.

If you want to switch things up wear a pair of utility pants. When the shirt is worn with jeans or utility pants wear boots to complete the outfit.

For a dressier look wear the shirt under a v-neck sweater with neutral colored cords or khakis. If you go this route pair it with loafers.

J. Campbell's Plaid Western Shirt, $89.50

American Eagle Plaid Flannel Shirt, $39.50

You can basically find a plaid shirt in the men's department of any store. As I combed through the racks at Marshall's last night I came across three of these great shirts for a steal! I picked up one for my brother, Justin, and two for my husband, Chris. We'll see if either of them actually wear these shirts, but I'm going to give it my best shot.

Paper Denim & Cloth, Marshall's

 Paper, Denim & Cloth, Marshall's

$7.00 (clearance!!!)

I think this shirt looks great when you roll up the sleeves. Some shirt sleeves are designed to be rolled up and have button to hold them in place.

2. Pants
Jeans, cords and utility pants. You can't go wrong with any of them and they're all very popular this fall.

Old Navy Men's Straight-Fit Jeans 
(they also come in tall)

Jcrew Vintage Cords 

L.L.Bean's Katahdin Iron Works Pants

 3. Boots
Every guy needs a good pair of boots. Whether they're a pair of red wing boots for the true (or at least authentic looking) lumberjack or a more streamlined and sophisticated pair, make sure you have a pair this fall.

Utility boots (lace-up) are very popular and have more of a rocker look to them and are worn with your pants tucked into the boot.

Burberry, $795

 Dr. Martens, $130

Lug sole boots go with everything so invest in a pair. Here are four different varieties:

L.L.Bean's Duck Boot
You can't go wrong with these boots. Every single guy out there should own a pair . You can get them in several different colors and heights.

Albuquerque Distressed Brown Waterproof Men's Work Boots, aka Cowboy Boots! 
 Rock the cowboy boots! Trust me on this.

If you can't manage the cowboy boots, go with these sturdy "work" boots.

I really loves these shoes. They're also called chukkas. They're basically ankle length boots with 2 or 3 pairs of eyelets for lacing and they're made of calfskin or suede. Get a can wear them with everything! Jeans, khakis or cords. 

Obviously there are many options to choose from and you can't go wrong with any of these. Choose a favorite brand and style in a color that fits with your wardrobe and make it your staple. Keep in mind that L.L.Bean has free shipping, no minimum order, through December 20th!

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  1. I'd have to say sis.. those Burrberry boots.. aint boots.