Friday, October 15, 2010

Slow afternoon at work leads to trouble.....

4:32p.m. One hour and twenty-eight minutes left in the work day and I'm bored to death. Believe it or not, DC is a ghost town this time of year. Most folks have packed their bags to go campaign for various Members of Congress so the few left behind don't have much going on right now....that is until Wed. Nov. 3rd.

That being said, I decided to use my time wisely and read through other blogs I've come to enjoy. As I was reading Sassnstyle I came across a pair of super cute shoes at my kind of price.

Libby Edelman "Chimmy" Lace-up Bootie

As you've noticed animal print is big this season as well as lace-up oxfords. These shoes are the perfect combination! Once I saw the shoes on Sassnstyle I started looking online to see where I could purchase them. Unfortunately there aren't any stores in my area that sell Libby Edelman but I did find them on HSN. The shoes were priced at $49.00 which is a bargain in my book! I've never shopped with HSN before so I did little research into their return policy and was happy to find that they offer free returns. This is always a plus because you never know how a shoe will fit.

I was about to complete my order when I decided to do a quick google search for HSN coupons. Thanks to Coupon Cabin I discovered a 15% discount for first time shoppers so I was able to save $7.00. Whenever you shop online always double check for discount codes because I can guarantee you that you'll find one. A lot of times you'll see Jcrew offer a 20% discount or free shipping on a minimum order. If you don't meet the order minimum ask your friends or co-workers if they're interested in purchasing an item and go in together for the discount. I'm sure you won't have trouble finding someone to join you in your shopping spree.

I think these shoes will look great with pants or tights and a cute skirt. I'll let you know what I think when I get them.

Now speaking of another pair of shoes.....ever since my LBD post I've been daydreaming of Jcrew's red suede pumps!

Jcrew Coddington suede platform pumps

I really, really want a pair but paying $228 for them? Not. Going. To. Happen. Period. I realize they're made in Italy and all that great stuff, but I still think that's too much for a pair of pumps. So now I'm on the hunt for a pair of red suede pumps with a chunky heel. Let me know if you find a pair!


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