Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sacrificing comfort for fashion

Six years ago I moved to Washington, DC and started my career on Capitol Hill. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. However, over the years I've learned a lesson or two....especially when it comes to comfort and fashion.

I know many of us sacrifice comfort for fashion, especially when it comes to our shoes! I remember the days when I would leave my apartment in the heels I planned on wearing throughout the entire work day. When I set out for work in the morning I had about a 15 minute walk to the metro, a 20 min. metro ride which sometimes did not include a seat, not to mention a job that included giving tours of the U.S. Capitol (which could take several hours depending on the time of year). Needless to say, I went through a pair of heels in no time and I could hardly walk at the end of the day.

Now all I can say is thank goodness for Jack Rogers, Rainbows, Uggs and flats. I quickly learned that it's best to wear a comfortable pair of shoes to work and carry your heels with you. Now, just because you don't want to wear your heels, boots, etc directly to work does not mean you have to sacrifice fashion. There is absolutely no reason for a woman to wear white tennis shoes with a business suit, skirt, dress, name it!

I really do cringe when I see ladies walking the hallways with their lovely suits/skirts/pants and white tennis shoes. I'm here to make a few suggestions on shoes that will comfortably get you from your home to work to happy hour......fashionably!

1.) Flats

There are hundreds of options out there for you to choose from and in every price range. Personally I LOVE tieks, but they are on the pricey side.

However, if you go to the Gap you can find a similar shoe for $39.50. What I love about these flats is that you can easily toss them in your handbag. They're almost like wearing bedroom slippers and they look cute with anything!

2.) A rainy day.....

Every now and then we face a rainy morning or evening commute. It's hard to wear flats when it's pouring rain because your feet have a tendancy to get soaked, along with your pant legs. I'm a huge fan of rain boots and Target has advertised a lot of cute ones for $24.99. The only problem with rain boots is that they can be very hot. I recently spotted these super cute rain shoes and can't stop thinking about them (like I need another pair of shoes.....)

I mean how cute are these?! The best thing about them is they come in four different colors: red, black, green and navy blue. If you're a DSW Rewards Member (it's very simple to register online if you aren't a member) you can order the shoes online and get free shipping.

3.) Boots...for a snowy day

When January rolls around, especially in DC, it's definitely boot weather. It's hard not to freeze walking from your car inside the building so keeping your feet nice and toasty is essential. Personally I think Uggs are the way to go. They may not be the cutest boots I've ever seen, but they do keep your feet warm and they're very comfortable. There are many different styles to choose from, but the good ole' classics do just the trick!

If Uggs aren't your thing, you should give Rocket Dog's a try.

I bought a pair of these in black several years ago and still have them. I wear them all winter along with my tan Uggs. For $39.95 they're hard to beat!

I hope some of these shoe suggestions will help you make it to and from work comfortably and fashionably!

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